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2. ~ ode to chocolate cake

One of the loves of my life CHOCOLATE , and especially chocolate cake!
Do you remember Matilda! Everytime i see this movie i remember the scene with the boy eating the magical cake!!heh! What a boy!!


Anyone else??
Here is a collection of marvellous  and different types of chocolate cakes! 
Ποιος μπορεί να αντισταθεί σε ένα μαγικό υγρό κέικ σοκολάτα?

The post should be read together with this music

Type 1: storey choco cake


Type 2: oreo cake recipes
Type 3: chocolate cupcakes
here are the recipes


Type 4: chocolate cake with famous products
             with Maltesers and ferrero rocher


Type 5:slutty brownies 
its not the classical choco cake ,but i love it!



Type 6: chocolate stout cake



Special types:  
  • Koukouvaya juicy chocolate cake


Have you ever been at Chania?
Here is the view and at the left is one of the most famous cakes in Greece!
One more reason to visit Greece!
One day of spring with my big bro!


  • «Geyseis sti fysh» TV show – chocolate brownies
         one of the most tastefull recipes


here is the link :
At last the best of all!!!! taran taran !
  • My chocolate cake photos !
I  made them for my birthday celebration and for other celebrations! :))
Do you Like it???
I love them!!!

The right one ,Ι Created it for a celebration meal before Christmas!
the first one  is Devils cake ,I  created it for my birthday!!
the last one, for another friend’s meal!!
Tell the truth , what do you choose? 
(mine is the best hah 😉 )

XX X-tina

sources :,stumble upon, etc


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