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3. ~ Viva Venice!

  • Another love of my life ,except chocolate cake –> ITALY!
And especially Venice!
Here are some photos i took from my trip to Venice, and some others that i collect from Internet!

The post should be read together with this music:
  • There are the pictures of my trip !
thats how I see Venice! gondola!
2.venice from different perspective
3. lucchetto e gondole 
4.Arthur Rubinstein – una vita de la musica
5. rosa e grand canal!
(it’s not mine! but i love it! the photo was taken by a good friend in our journey)
  • And now some photos from the web! (Edited by me)
             1.Blue venice                                                          2. Gondola

  • Of course talking about Venice, we have to mention venice masks in the most famous carnaval in Europe!
Venice has plenty type of masks , some very beautifull and unforgettable , and some others very predicted and highly anticipated!
I will put only the masks that i would buy from Venice!

  I prefer simple white masks. V for vendetta mask  or tiny stylist masks!!

  • If you visit Italy or any other country , Ι consider  a crime not  to try the culinary!!
Here are some Italian desserts you have to taste if you are a propper traveller!
I choose only desserts because i am addicted to them!!
Fried delicious desserts


And at last ,marvellous cakes an famous biscuits!
Hope you like it!!
viva Italia!!

XX X-tina



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