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8. ~Books by Shel Silverstein!

Enough with the trip to centuries and fashion.
As I tell we have to sharpen our minds ,so I will continue with my journey in fashion to the next posts.
Now I want to share with you two of my favourite small books ,for small and big children.
The talended poem is Shel Silverstein and his books are: 
The missing piece meets the big O & The giving tree.

  • The missing piece meets the big O
This book is for those who searching for their other half love!
This very simple story deals with the concept of true happiness, fulfillment, non-monogamy and love.
  • The giving tree
Another meanful book from the poet, develops the love without giving, many people parallels it with the love of our parents who doesn’t want retribution.


 Hope you like it
XX X-tina


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