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9.~Ode to nutella!

One of the human miracles!!
That magic smouth delight dessert in the most amazings recipies!!

Thats how I fell when I open a jar!!
  • nutella cupcakes
  • nutella cakes
  • nutella cookies
  • Nutella brownies
  • Breadlike Nutella
Bombolini -soft filled nutella breads- the itallian version of dougnuts.
classic crepe con nutella,nutella buns  ,crunchy french toast , very different and famous desserts fulled with marvellous nutella.
  • nutella pies & truffles
  • My nutella photos
One tastefull oreo nutella crepa at Chaidari with my friend Sandy and the best crepa on the earth at Chania with the view of lighthouse!!
In the conclussion!
We ❤ Nutella!!
XX X-tina

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