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11.~ Headboard Ideas!

Ιn Bedroom we spend most hours of the day!
So we have to decorate that room the better we can!
Here are some ideas for the headboard of our bed , collected from internet!

The post should be read together with this lounge music:
  • Headboard with curtains
Curtains full the room with beautifull colours and nice patterns ,so use them!


  •                                                          Headboard with leather
Leather is one difficult material ,that gives  seriousness in your space.


  • Headboard with mirrors
Mirror ,a famous object of art and decoration !You can use it wherever you want and make a unique space!
  • Headboard with natural materials
Stone ,bricks and pebles are some natural materials that transforms ideal your house!
  • Headboard with chalkboard
Chalkboard is one of the most favourite decorating ideas ,for many people.
The way it change your room is magnificent!


  • Headboard with paintings
You can paint the wall , you can paint the headbord or the hole room!You can do whatever you want ,just create!
  • Headboard with paravans
Paravan ,one anusual decorating object in a different way of decoration.
  • Headboard with wallpapers
Wallpaper is a very youth material ,that children and teens love to use.
  • Headboard with windows
Use clever your windows to put the light inside your room , and have an easy waking
  • Headboard with wood or palletes
Pallet is one  chip and nice material and create lots of things!One great idea is right here!
On the other side wood is a warm material tha fits everywhere.
  • Headboard with art & photography
Art and photography makes a room delicate and special for the people who live in.
  • Headboard with bookcases
Bookcases and shelves are one of my favourite ideas for headboard ,but not only for this use.They adorning your place so lovely, and fullfills it with the best way.
  • Headboard with door.
Doors are a very special idea for eccentrically decors.
  • Headboard with fabric
If you don’t want to put curtains you can use beautiful quirky fabrics.
  • Headboard with letters
Youth idea for teens and for those who are still children.
  • Headboard with maps
Decorating tip for travellers and people who like to explore the world.
  • Headboard with pillows
Pillow headbord for comfortable users who love classy.
  • Headboard with shutters
Since we use the inputs (doors ,windows) the only thing that lest is the sutters.
Great idea for decorating your beadroom!
  • Different Headboard   

One extremely different idea, aquarium!For special owners!!

Do you like it!?
Hope you do!!
XX X-tina


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