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13.~Ode to Oreo!

Oreo cookies

is one of the most popular cookies in USA and all over the world.
It has become  the best selling cookie in the United states,                                       
through 20th century and into 21st.
At May 2012 oreo had its 100th anniversary.
There is nothing more delicious , or perplexing than an Oreo Cookie!

  • Oreo cheece cakes

  • Oreo special cheesecakes


  • oreo cakes


  • oreo brownies 




  • oreo muffins


  • oreo biscuits

  • oreo truffles




  • Oreo-Mania
oreo manicureoreo hook
  • My oreo moments


I travelled to Patra these days and here are the best moments of the gastronomy here.
 Here is the cake at a barbeque party at a friends house!


Here are two nice desserts from Cookie man ,one very beautiful pastry shop at Patra!!




Hope you adore it 😉
XX X-tina




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