Objects of Art / Photography

14. ~ Object of art 3: Clouds!

Clouds photography
Clouds can be a very beautiful object of art and photography!
When we are kids we observed very often the shapes and the colours of the clouds!
Ι think that we have to respect the nature and dont forget the beauty that has!

The inspiration came to me yesterday when i travelled back to my place and observed the clouds and the shape they create!
Except these today ,almost the hole Greece will have clouds and rain!
This post should be read, together with this music:
  • Here are someclever and funny photos  of clouds ,that you can create yourself.
clouds like ice cream
clouds & tearoom
catch it!
hold the cloud! 
  • Clouds & shapes
When you observe the clouds you can see lots of interesting shapes that looks like familiar things!
Here is the photo that i took yesterday at the trip!It represent a hand that tries to catch a rat! or i am crazy!! 😛
Wavy clouds!

      alien cloud!                                                             sea cloud

Panther cloud!                                                   peaceful cloud
  • At last here are some special clouds from all over the world !
Some of them maybe we will not see it never!
Cirrus ratious cloud!
Heaven clouds
Jacques-Cousteau clouds
Ledicural Cloud


Mammatus clouds
  Morning clouds
Stormy clouds!

And something sweet for the end!

Hope you like it!
XX X-tina!



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