Objects of Art / Photography

16.~Object of art 4: vintage cars!

As you can see I love vintage time!
Besides, because of my qualities as an engineer, i would like to give you that sense of vintage air, with the cars of this age.
The post should be read ,together with this music
Mini cooper
Cuban car
for greeks ->scarabeo car
for all->volkswagen beetle

 Volkswagen bus 
hippies VW beetles cars!

Yellow car!
porshe car
Funny car!!
Love is in the car!
lady in the car
abandoned cars
At last ,like almost every post here is my photo of my grandfather’s vintage car!!
One of the first cars that moved in our city!
 Citroet DC ,in a big competition winned as the most beautifull car ever created!welldone grandpa!
Hope you like it!!
XX X-tina


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