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18. ~A trip to Small Cyclades!

What if , came the winter for good?
I will break the rules today and  dedicate the post to one of  my favourite islands of Greece, KOUFONISIA or small cyclades!

The beauty of that place is unexpected!
Koufonisia are appropriate for you ,if you love aquamarine waters and relaxation.
If you are from Greece you are so lucky that you have a  place like Hawaian beaches     with the hospitallity of Greek people and the gastronomy of mediterranean cuisine.
Small Cyclades consist of Kato koyfonisi and Pano koufonisi!The first one is livable ,the second one not!


Here is the music that we listen in koufonisia from our friend Stella  with the sound of a traditional instrument that we learned in Koufonisia and i will recomment you to listen it with this post!!
From Gianni Harouli ,one of my favourite singers from Crete with «outi».

Here are some photos we took,in one of my favourite vacations with my very best friends!I have to mention that the photos i took arent fake and  photoshop!
I put only some brightness!
  • Marvelous aquamarine sea! 
And some photos from the web!
Boat in the air!
This place called «swimming pool», you can see why !
  • And here are the most beautiful beach i ever swim!
«The milk» , «το γαλα» because the water almost white!
  •  Rakomelo with cinnamon , ice cream and basilico ,
 the view of «big» cyclades , amorgos, paros paros etc.
Good company and the sound of «outi» ,the tranditional music instument that keep us company with the voice of Stel!
What else do you want in this life?
That’s the music we sang over and over again!
  • The only, free and open traditional museum of the island!
  • Nightlife at Koufonisia relaxation and the chairs are missing!
  • And here is the beauty and authenticity of Greek people!!
The van here says «fat cape »  Χοντρός Κάβος» rooms to let!
The sign capted at Kato Koufonissi !
Designed and edited by the owner of the only tavern in the small island!
Simple things from authentic people!
  • Small Cyclades doesn’t have the gastronomy of other island in Greece but some things are very special and we fell in love with them!!
Viva Tomatopie (τοματόπιτα)!
We’ll always love souvlaki!!
Hope you like it !
And visit this marvelous place!!
XX X-tina!
The post is dedicated to my friends, who tolarate and love me  all these years!
Sandy ,Christina ,Natasa 
and Stel-latreia for the great hospitality! 


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