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19. ~Frames Ideas!

Τhe decoration of the walls ,is one of the most important things you have to do when you are decorating your house.
Due to my second quality as decorator,I collect from internet the most common trends at wall decoration.
I hope you like it and use it to your house!

You can read the article together with this music.
We speak about house so:


  • Symmetric shelves with the same size
Put frames with the same size ,symmetrical and in the same distances.

  • Symmetric shelves with different sizes

I use as an inspiration this photograph
These days I decorated my brothers new house with the low batzet of 15 euros and I create this!
We have to put pictures inside the frames but the idea of the decoration is this!
  • Αsymmetric shelves
  • Asymetric shelves with the same theme
  • Frames on shelves
  • Εxternal square pattern
You can have whatever shape of frames you want and put it with the way of square.

  • Like wallpaper
Padding the wall with frames instead of wallpaper.
  • With no picture inside!
Hope you find it useful!
XX X-tina


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