Objects of Art / Photography

7. ~Object of art 7: Carousel!

«There is something very melancholic about carousels; that’s why they look magnificent during sunset.»
One of the most romantic and emotional object that humans created!
The post should be read together with this music !
The earliest known depiction of a carousel is in a Byzantine bas-relief dating to around 500 A.D.The word carousel originates from the Italian garosello and Spanish carosella («little battle»).
Very popular Carousel you can see at Florence , Paris and London (and Athens at some Christmas)!

As you can see in my post for Florence , here is a phohotograph with  Carousel I saw there!


  • Jeux d’enfants!
One very interesting romantic and emotional movie!

Part romantic comedy and part black comedy, follows the exploits of two young would-be lovers as they go from childhood to adulthood with themselves as the greatest hurdle to their own happiness. Julien and Sophie first meet at the age of eight when both are undergoing great trauma: Julien is watching his mother die and Sophie has become the focus of intense hazing at the hands of some fellow schoolmates. On one fateful day, Julien decides to stick up for Sophie and pulls a practical joke on her tormentors, uses carousel with this joke!

I hope you like it!!
XX X-tina!


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