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15. ~General 2:16 Pictures who Worth a Thousand Words..

Sometimes photographs are better than a thousand of words and books!
Here some photographs, that turns out your emotions!
Thats why we love photography!!

Here is some lounge music for the post!!
1.Never hipe dies! 
(photographer Zilvinas Valeika)
2.»Thank you» to the veterans
(Photographer – Roman Balaev)
3.The passage of time
4.the future artist
5.Panda on the way to the zoo in Edinburgh.
6.Ordinary Miracle.
8.Ku Ku
9.Kid love his friend caterpillar
10.jesus christ!
11.Grandma’s care
12.who are you?
13.Decline of life.
14.Labrador Love!
15.No smoking!
16.Tom &Jerry!
Hope you like it!
XX X-tina!




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