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7.~ Christmas Tree Ball Ideas!

Today my blog close exactly  2 months in active.
I have to thank you all for your support , the views of it are close to 6000!!
I am very glad that people all over the world take ideas for all those things i write!
Thank you again!!
And i hope to continue together for more ideas and knowledge!

Christmas is coming!
So, we have to prepare our houses as much as we can!!
Here are some easy and clever ideas to decorate our house with christmas tree balls that we can create on our own !

Here is a nice christmas song!!

Playful christmas balls!


Coloured tree balls!

 Christmas tree balls with pictures inside!

Bubble chandelier!

Christmas tree balls with trees inside!

Christmas tree balls with something inside!

Christmas tree balls with something outside!

Write something!

Christmas tree balls with letters!

A very special Christmas tree ball , hot air balloon!

Hope you like it!
XX X-tina!



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