Desserts / From Trips / Taste

1.~Austrian Christmas Desserts!

A new year full of joy, trips, taste , beauty and happiness!
I want to open the year with something special!
As i  promise you , i begin a journey to the cities I saw the last days!!
The firts post is about Austrian Christmas deserts!
Here are the photographs I took from my journey!!

Here is some of the last christmas songs for my blog!
Christmas cake!
Christmas Trees!


Christmas Stollen!
Christmas pope!



Santa claus!
Mulled wine gugelhupf
Linzer cookies (photo from the web)
Here are the shop windows of some nice Austrian pastry shops!
Here are the brands of the pastry shops in Vienna, that I took the photos!
Hope you like it!
XX X-tina!
Dedicated to the company of the trip , Irini & Kallia


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