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18.~Austrian desserts!

Today, I’d like to celebrate ,that my blog close 15,000 views
 from people all over the world in only 3 months.
So , i want to thank you very much with this post!!
Here are some photos I took in my trip , from marvelous Austrian desserts ~!
 That you definitely have to taste when you ‘ll go Vienna  or Salzbourg!

One group with the right name for this post!
The famous Sacher Torte!
For 7 years two of the famous Austrian pastry makers , Mr Sacher and Mr Demel gives fights to find who was the creator of that ‘torte’ , as you understand Sacher won!
And here is my birthday cake!!
One of the most special celebrations in my life!
At Sacher cafe!
Austrian Chocolate Desserts!
Austrian Donuts!
Breadlike Austrian Desserts!
Austrian Fruity Desserts!

Chocolate Austrian Desserts!
Special Austrian Desserts!
Austrian Strudels
Austrian Special Torte!


Apricot Austrian Desserts!
And here are the Brands of the cafes that we went!
The first one is Sacher Cafe-hotel!
The most popular cafe in Austria!
‘Demel cafe’ the second most popular cafe in Vienna ,after Sacher!
Cafe Central , one cafe full of history , a real palace !
The cafe that Froyd and Ella Fitzgerald took their coffees!
‘Landtmann Cafe’
One of the oldest cafes in Salzbourg!
The woman in the picture , puts her dish full of desserts at your table and helps you (or force you )  to pick the right dessert!
‘Cafe Tomaselli’
Its not the biggest the greatest or the oldest ,
but its my favourite cafe in Vienna! 
‘Heiner Cafe’
The best apple strudel  i taste in Austria!
One of the big meanings in my life!!
«Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first.  ~Ernestine Ulmer»
Hope you like it!
XX X-tina!


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