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26.~Cinnamon Desserts!

Goodmorning Goodmorning! 
Sunday today and I want to sweeten you with my favourite spice in the world!
«Bitter and Sweet just like a woman!»
Its not sweet ,but gives you a sweet taste wherever you put it!!
And here is an interesting song ,
from a Greek movie with subjects as  spicies and cuisine!
«Α touch of spicies!» or for greeks «πολιτικη κουζίνα»
Cinnamon bread
And here are some recipes!
Cinnamon Cakes 
Here some recipes!
 Cinnamon Cookies!
 Cinnamon Donuts!
 Cinnamon pancakes!
( Καλά όχι να το παινευτώ αλλά κάνω τα καλύτερα pancakes
 αλλά η συνταγή είναι για λίγους!!I am sorry! 😛 😛  )
Cinnamon Rolls!
some recipes!
We love desserts ,as you can see from my posts!
My cinnamon momments  are when I visit Athens ,
 at «Cinnabon» ,
a very tastefull chain store that bakes these rolls almost every hour!!

And of course my cinnamon apple pancakes with  secret recipe 😛


Hope you like it!!
Καλό σαββατοκύριακο!!

2 thoughts on “26.~Cinnamon Desserts!

  1. panagia m!! xristinaki ti mas ekanes pali me ta gluka s!?!???pentanostimaaaaa fainontai ola 🙂 (kai ennoeitai oti exw kollhsei me to teleio xalarwtiko tragoudi pou exeis pros8esei..)gewrgitsa :*


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