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7.~ Ode to Doughnuts!

Have a nice and sweet morning!!
We are excactly one day before the end of exams!!
And we are celebrating this great event, with desserts!!
Today our blog is dedicated to
Doughnuts ,all over the world are very famous ,with different recipes ad different names!!

in Horn of Africa ‘dolcho’, in South Africa  koeksister , inTunisia ‘yo-yos’ ,in Morocco ‘sfenj, inChina ‘ngàuhleisōu’ , in India  ‘vada’ in Indonesia ‘kentang’ , in Iran ‘bamiyeh’ , in Israel ‘sufganiyah’, in Malaysia  ‘kuih’ , in Japan ‘sata andagi’ , in Nepal ‘sel roti’ in South Korea ‘tteok’ ,in Taiwan ‘shuāngbāotāi’, in Austria ‘krapfen’ (we know it 😉 ) , in Belgium ‘smoutebollen’ in  Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (pokladnice or krofne), in Czech  Republic ‘kobliha’ ,in Denmark ‘berliner’ , for Finland ‘minkki’ ,inFrance ‘Beignet’ ,in Germany ‘berliner’ ,in Italy  krapfen, zippuli and zeppole from Calabria, maritozzi,’bomboloni ‘from Tuscany,In Lithuania, ‘spurgos’, In the Netherlands ‘oliebollen’,in Iceland  ‘kleinuhringur’, in Hungary «Fánk», In Norway, smultring , In Polland , ‘pączki ‘ , in  Portugal ‘Malasada’.in  Romania,  «gogoși» , In Russia  ponchiki , In Switzerland Zigerkrapfen and Berliner.In Slovenia,  krofi,In Spain «rosquilla» and ‘churro’ (we know that 😉 , In United Kingdom ,yum-yums ,  Caribbean region  «kurma»,In Mexico ‘donas’ , In Jamaica, «Festival» , In Caribbean region  «kurma» , In Australia, the doughnut, In South America berlinesas’,In Brazil «sonhos», In chile ‘ Berlines’.
Finally, in Greece ‘loukoumas’ λουκουμάς!!And a happy song!!:P
Μιλάμε για πολύ γέλιο!

Nutella Doughnuts
Round Doughnuts
Chocolate Doughnuts
 Muffin  Doughnuts
 Sugar Doughnuts!

Oreo Doughnuts!

Colourfull Doughnuts!
 Special  Doughnuts
Greek ‘Loukoumas’
<– with sugar 
with honey–>
 Here are some donuts from our trips in Austria and Spain
Austrian Donuts-> ‘ Krapfen’
Spanish Donuts-> ‘Churros’
 A photograph from my trip in Barcelona , at 4cats cafe!
The cafe that Pablo Picasso took his coffee!
My Donuts moments!
Some very tastefull donuts in Sparta from ‘Mr. Donuts’ cafe!
Some tasteful donuts in Athens , at ‘Apollonion’ bakery shop
And of course some tastefull Cretan donuts ,’loukoumades’ as they called, 
at a Cretan restaurant with live music ‘Benetto Moro’.
Hope you love it!

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