Desserts / Taste

12.~White Desserts (part a)

Today we dedicate the post to white desserts!
For some people chocolate is the one and only dessert on earth!(it is!)
But some prefer white ones!
For those here are some intereresting photos!

A song for the post!
White stripes ~White desserts 😉
White Cakes
For All –>White cake recipe
For Greeks –>  Λευκό κείκ συνταγή
Red Velvet Cake
For All –>Red velvet cake recipe
For Greeks –>  Συνταγή red velvet cake
(Έλα ρε Γεωργίτσα 😉 )
White Bars
White cakepops
For All –>Cakepop recipe
For Greeks –>  λευκά cakepop
Colourfull White cake
White Lemon Cake
For All –>Lemon cake recipe
For Greeks –>  Κεικ λεμονιού συνταγή
White Cupcakes
For All –>White cupcakes
For Greeks –>  Μάφινς λευκά συνταγή
And here is my very favourite white dessert from my childhood ’till now!
You can find it only in Nafplio, created from 1955!
One of the gratest European travellers, Rick Steves,
 suggest this, as one of the best desserts in Greece!!
(Daddy knows better 😉 )
Hope you enjoy it!


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