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18.~ White Desserts (part b)

Goodmorning!Have a nice week! :)

Here is the second part of white desserts!

Some very tastefull desserts for you!


A song for the post

white wedding ~ white desserts ;)

 Black and White Desserts!





Mille Feuille


For All –>Mille Feuille recipe

For Greeks –>Μιλφέιγ συνταγή


Oreo White Cupcakes




For All –>Panacotta recipe

For Greeks –>Πανακότα συνταγη


White Cheesecake


White Cookies


White Macaroons


For All –>Macaroon recipe

For Greeks –>Μακαρόν συνταγή


White Truffles


My white dessert momments

And here is my favourite Μille-Feuille from one of the greatest pastry shops in Athens

«Konstantinidis» , I recommed it  emediatelly!!!

 For a traditional Greek taste , I recommend you a milk pie , called ‘galatopita’


For greeks –>Γαλατόπιτα Μανιάτικη συνταγή

For all–> Greek milk pie recipe 

Hope you enjoy it!


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